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Product description
Powerful Digital Karaok Processor
The microphone input is a dual-marshalling design, and all functions of each group are processed independently.
Music input includes analog input and digital optical input.
Microphone input channel with 20-segment parametric equalization
Music input channel with 10 parametric equalization
In the effect part, there are pre-parametric equalization and post-parametric equalization in each channel.
Output channel equalization: main output 5 segments, middle 5 segments, ultra-bass 3 segments, post 10 segments
Each microphone group has five levels of feedback suppression, which can be switched on or off.
There are six modes in the computer.
With recording interface
.Easy-to-use PC-side software
Infrared remote control, RS232 or USB interface can be used to connect central control, song dispenser or PC.
Super anti-impact circuit design, better protection of your equipment
Stable and Reliable Circuit Design, Selected High Quality Components
Restriction function of boot-up times to facilitate engineering use



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