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 Signal-to-noise ratio MIC  ≥99dB  MUSIC  ≥99dB
 Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise THD+N <0.01% MUSIC  小于0.01%
 Maximum input level MIC  150m Vrms MUSIC  1.5m Vrms   THD+N<0.1%
 dynamic range MIC >96dB MUSIC >100dB     THD+N<0.1%
 Noise MIC/MUSIC: Noise Door less than 35uVrms Open < 150uVrms Noise Door Close
 Input interface MIC: Four microphone input ports, divided into two front and rear panel input ports
 / MKUSIC: 1 fiber input, 1 coaxial input, L/R) 1 RCA input
 / Three 4K Ultra Clear 60 Hertz HDCP2.2 Version, HDMI (2.0 Version) Video Input
 Output interface Eight Canon outputs (L/R; SL/SR; SUB/CEN; SBL/SBR), one mono 3.5mm microphone score output and one stereo 3.5mm REC recording output
 Power consumption  IDLE No Load 5W Standby Standby Standby 0.2
 Weight ≈4.5公斤
  Size 486mmX200mmX50mm



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