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The first IF uses a sound meter filter and the second IF uses a three-stage ceramic filter, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability.
                              The microphone uses the easy-to-buy No. 5 battery for 6-10 hours.
Microphone uses unique boost design, battery power decline does not affect the overall performance of the hand.
Operating radius in ideal environment is up to 80 meters, which is suitable for various occasions.
Default configuration with LCD screen blue backlight, aluminum alloy microphone body
With adjustable transmitting power and adjustable noise threshold, the receiver rear panel is equipped with external noise control knob, and the effective operating radius can be flexibly set between 10 meters and 80 meters as required.
 With the function of infrared automatic frequency matching, the microphone can be synchronized to the working channel of the receiver quickly
  KTV engineering special model, two microphones, a host. Easy to configure more than 100 KTV rooms, unique product structure design, fast and simple maintenance.
The specially designed mute circuit completely eliminates the impact noise of microphone opening and closing. The specially designed mute circuit completely eliminates the impact noise of microphone opening and closing.
frequency range 740-790MHz
Adjustable Channel Number 100×2
Oscillation mode PLL Frequency Synthesis
Frequency stability 10ppm, reception
 mode Superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion
 Receiving sensitivity Steel net+Sponge dust network/netcloth
 Audio frequency response Ground or stack placement
Harmonic distortion -95~-67dBm
Signal-to-noise ratio 40-18000Hz
Audio output ≥110dB
Output and Mixed Output, Transmitting Power 3-30mW
modulation mode FM 5 Battery Section 2
Power specification 100-240V 50-60Hz 12VDC (switching power adapter) or 220VAC/50-60HZ 12VDC (linear power supply)
Power consumption ≤10W


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