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Time domain characteristics of the speaker system

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The time domain characteristic is a very important indicator of the speaker system. Many technical terms for evaluating the sound performance of the speaker system are related to it, such as transient
The time domain characteristic is a very important indicator of the speaker system. Many technical terms for evaluating the sound performance of the speaker system are related to it, such as transient response, layering, sharpness, sound field localization and so on. For the time domain characteristics, engineers in the electro-acoustic industry have conducted a lot of research earlier, but only qualitative analysis and some assumptions. Even the authoritative American electroacoustic test system LMS does not have the test function of time domain characteristics.
With the rapid development of computer technology, the time domain characteristics of the speaker system have been able to be quantitatively tested and analyzed. The current test system includes DAAS from West Germany, LAUD from the United States, and most of our domestically produced test instruments. Have.
The test of time domain characteristics has high requirements for the test environment. The test results of the computer test system in a free environment can only be used as a reference.
The time domain characteristics mainly include the following aspects:
  First, step response
The step response, also known as the transient, refers to the speed at which the speaker system follows the speed of the feed signal. Of course, the faster the better, and the sensitive response to weak signals.
The advantages and disadvantages of the speaker system transient response indicators are related to many factors, and the cabinet speaker unit and the frequency dividing circuit and components, and even the wiring have an influence on it. The speaker system with good transient characteristics is “moving like a wind, quiet as a clock”, which can accurately and faithfully reflect the instantaneous changes of the audio signal. The enthusiasts are pursuing the “excellent, the slightest must be present”. A pursuit of speaker transient characteristics.
Transient is the speed. The factors affecting speed are not only the speaker system, the sound source, but also the amplifier. The transmission speed of the silver current and the copper wire to the audio current is also very different (not just the resistance value is different).
The same copper wire is divided into brass wire (copper aluminum alloy), copper wire (pure copper wire), multi N copper wire (N is the first letter of English 9, such as 6N indicates 99.9999% copper content), single crystal Copper wire, single-strand wire, multi-strand wire, and even many strands of special twisted wire, are varied and difficult to say
All of these are fuss about speed and tone (the speed will determine the main component of the tone), the speed of the amplifier to the stone machine is faster, the speed from the analog circuit to the digital circuit is fast, and the speed of the silver wire cannot keep up with the claim. The carbon fiber line of the resistance, of course, the transmission of the cable will be half a beat slower than the fiber. How fast is it? The digital circuit is very advanced today. Someone stood up and said: "The digital taste is not good, the old-fashioned amplifier is much more enjoyable ( The speed of the amplifier is slower). "The public said that the public is reasonable, the wife said that the woman is reasonable, the sound is really fun.
For the problem that the speed of the equipment is fast or slow, there is absolutely no need to argue. As long as you like it, it is good. But for the speaker system, the author prefers to be faster, perhaps a kind of "occupational disease", which pays more attention to the test indicators, and the kind of "music taste is very strong" to a few people agrees; but the time domain characteristics are not Good speaker systems don't agree.
This kind of so-called music-rich thing may have some special feelings about listening to a few slow songs, but it is necessary to put a question mark on whether the comprehensive performance is too good.
Music is infinite. Don't simply divide strings, percussion, brass, vocals, symphonies... All nations of the world have their own music. What exactly is "music flavor" I want to honestly do a good job of electro-acoustic indicators, faithfully restore the feed signal, and immediately turn on the sound when there is a signal, immediately shut up without a signal, without personality is good. The primary cause of the transients affecting the loudspeaker system is damping, which includes the resistance and mechanical damping of the loudspeaker unit, the resistance of the crossover network, the acoustic damping of the enclosure, and even the damping of the propagation medium (experienced readers may have such Feel that the same set of equipment will have a little change in sound when the air humidity is different on sunny days and rainy days).
The low-damping speaker system is currently a popular international practice. It is easy to see that many of the internationally renowned speaker systems are widely used by the masters to improve the transient response of the speaker system.
There are several new units in Denmark's Weifa loudspeaker factory that use a copper short-circuit ring structure, which is intended to improve the high-frequency impedance of the unit. In fact, it is also a low-pitched unit with a bullet, which model has been forgotten. , the small whirlwind used in high-end products) is one of the masterpieces; PMC's famous octopus woofer uses PU material to make the hanging edge to reduce the damping, readers if you are interested to listen, low-frequency transient response Really, the drums are very enjoyable; after the rain, the first few boxes are designed as short inverted tubes (only about 2cm), which effectively reduces the acoustic resistance, and obtains excellent transient characteristics, of course, the unit has low damping PP. The material cone, the low-damping butyl rubber suspension is also helpful, and the reader can also listen to it. The original high-response speaker system is so fidelity and expressive.

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