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Guangzhou T.B audio technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as T.B audio) since its inception on November 5, 2007, had been standing in the forefront of Chinese professional audio industry


American T.B audio brand is T.B audio enterprise's exclusive brand of entertainment.After the years of struggle, the United States T.B audio brand in China has achieved rapid development in the industry established a good reputation and market position.American T.B audio faith concentrate, focus, professional brand style, for the Chinese consumers with high cost performance products in the United States.American T.B audio is operations management by guangzhou T.B audio technology co., LTD.

American T.B audio brand professional speakers is truly professional speakers three matches "style, power and sensitivity", "style" that all users to listen to each brand speakers get "this product is used for indoor or outdoor entertainment performances of speaker products", and T.B audio to meet this demand, from the speaker unit - the body material - chamber structure - box size - diversion computing - frequency division technology - - mechanical damping - acoustic resonance standing wave damping, every link around the "style" carefully build, system to solve the problem of all aspects, the pursuit of the perfect performance is T.B audio brand series common pursuit."Power" and "sensitivity" matching is also T.B audio brand speakers create index, "power match" can make the high and low unit can work together in the maximum sound pressure state, at the same time reach the limit, give full play to the sperker, thus improve product price."Matching" sensitivity can make the speaker electroacoustic conversion rate to achieve the best, to link professional amplifier, the same situation can improve the loudness of the sound system, and reduces the project cost and power consumption of the user.

American T.B audio products using a number of advanced technology and sound box unit technology, all products using advanced physics and computer technology to housing and the design of the horn, also adopted the famous speaker in the world.American T.B audio brand various series product is the core of absorbing essence Europe hundreds of years of professional speakers with domestic engineering requirements, from technology - technology, from the music character - physical parameters, from the speakers - engineering use style, will be professional speakers to a new level, the purpose is to meet high HI room, di, slow rock, music bar, digital cinema to "listen to" appreciate "demand".


Guangzhou T.B audio technology co., LTD. 

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