Brand positioning

Guangzhou T.B audio technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as T.B audio) since its inception on November 5, 2007, had been standing in the forefront of Chinese professional audio industry

Brand positioning

2007 T.B AUDIO company seize the industry advantage, let T.B AUDIO brand high-end entertainment to enter the Chinese market quickly, and a foothold in the fierce competition.In a stereo AUDIO system T.B AUDIO brand with advanced science and technology strength.Solve technical problems as audio audio system solution expert systems.Through the advantages of technology system, we obtain the agent and the recognition and trust of consumers.Create value for the agent at the same time, also for T.B AUDIO brand development laid a solid foundation in the industry.
Enterprise target: create the first brand among China's sound

Guangzhou T.B audio technology co., LTD. 

Add: Guangzhou panyu district groundmass           town in jinshan avenue China
TEL: 400-008-4993
FAX: 020-86414993

EMAIL: tbaudio@163.com

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